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  1. Yang, Heng-Li;Chao, August F.Y., 2018.04, 'Sentiment Annotations for Reviews: An Information Quality Perspective, ' Online Information Review,.(SSCI)
  2. Chao, August F.Y.;Yang, Heng-Li, 2018.01, 'Using Chinese Radical Parts for Sentiment Analysis and Domain-dependent Seed Set Extraction, ' Computer Speech & Language, Vol.47, pp.194-213.(SCIE)
  3. Chao, A. F., & Lai, C. Y. (2015). SNS Opinion-Based Recommendation for eTourism: A Taipei Restaurant Example. In Multidisciplinary Social Networks Research (pp. 393-403). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. (EI)
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  5. 趙逢毅、鍾曉芳。2013。基於字典釋義關聯方法的同義詞概念擷取:以《同義詞詞林(擴展版)》為例。中文計算語言學期刊。Special Issue on Chinese Lexical Resources: Theories and Applications. 18(2). pp.35-56. (THCI)
  6. Chao,August F.Y.;Yang, Heng-Li, 2012.04, "Knowledge Sharing Effects on the Market of Used Durable Goods: Agent-based Simulation Approach," Journal of Convergence Information Technology, Vol.7, No.7, pp.253 – 264.(EI)
  7. Chung, Siaw-Fong, F. Y. August Chao, Tien-Yu Lan, and Yen-Yu Lin. 2011. “Analyses of the Semantic Features of the Lexical Bundle [(VERB) PREPOSITION the NOUN of].” Language Value, 3(1). pp. 138-152. Also presented at the Third International Seminar on Metaphor and Discourse: Verb-particle Constructions and their Underlying Semantic Systems. Universitat Jaume I, Castelló de la Plana, Spain. October 19-20. (ISOC)
  8. 趙逢毅、鍾曉芳。2011。基於辭典詞彙釋義之多階層語義關聯程度計量 ─ 以「目」字部為例。中文計算語言學期刊。16(3-4)。21-40頁 。(THCI Core)
  9. 楊亨利、趙逢毅,“基於知識本體之文獻多維度關聯視覺化導覽平台,電子商務學報,第十三卷,第一期,2011年,27~54。(TSSCI)

Publish in Conference

  1. 王貞淑, 趙逢毅, 賴正育, 以開放資料實作個人用藥安全管理應用程式, Open Data Conference, 2014-11-14, 台北大學。
  2. 趙逢毅, 楊亨利, 2014五月, 使用情感運算方法分析澎湖景點旅遊評論, ICIM2014第25屆國際資訊管理學術研討會, 中興大學, 台中。
  3. Chao, F. Y. August and Siaw-Fong Chung. 2013. “A Corpus-driven Pattern Analysis in Locative Phrases: A Statistical Comparison of Co-appearing Concepts in Fixed Frames” (語料庫導向之方位短句於固定框架的共現概念統計分析). Poster presented and paper in the Proceedings of the 25th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2013). Kaohsiung, Taiwan, October 4-5.
  4. Chao, F. Y. August and Siaw-Fong Chung. 2013. “A Lexico-Semantic Analysis of Chinese Locality Phrases – A Topic Clustering Approach.” Iin the Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on the Generative Approaches to the Lexicon. Pisa, Italy. September 24-25.
  5. Chung, Siaw-Fong and F.Y. August Chao. 2012. “A Semantic Integrated Vocabulary Analyzing Tool for ESL Teaching.” Paper presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Lexicography and L2 Teaching & Learning. Shaanxi Normal University, China. October 20-22.
  6. Chao, F.Y. August and Siaw-Fong Chung. 2012. “VocabGraph: Semantic Graph Inspector with Referred Word List.” Poster presented at the International Conference on Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching (ALLT). National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. April, 19-21.
  7. Chung, Siaw-Fong and F. Y August Chao. 2011. “Preposition-Containing Lexical Bundles and Idiomatic Expressions in Economics Dissertations.” Presented at the 10th Conference for the American Association for Corpus Linguistics (AACL), Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, USA, October 7-9.
  8. Yang, Heng-Li;Chao,August F.Y., 2011.10, "Agent-based Modeling of Knowledge Sharing and Used-Car Market," The 4th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Applications for E-services at the 16th North-East Asia Symposium on Nano, Information Technology and Reliability.(EI)
  9. Chao, F. Y. August and Siaw-Fong Chung. 2010. “A Measurement of Metaphorical Relations in Mandarin Lexemes with Radical mu4: A Study based on Dictionary Explanation.” In the Proceedings of the Eleventh Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop (CLSW 2010). Soochow University, China. May 21-23. pp. 148-154.
  10. Chung, Siaw-Fong, F.Y. August Chao and Yi-Chen Hsieh, “VocabAnalyzer: A Referred Word List Analyzing Tool with Keyword, Concordancing and N-gram Functions”. in Proceedings of the Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC). Hong Kong, China. December 2-4, 2009.
  11. August F.Y. Chao, Vicky C.H. Huang, "Digital Citizen Media Network: An Open Source System Development Perspective", International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies, Kumamoto Gakuen University, Japan, September 18-20, 2009.
  12. Chung, Siaw-Fong, Chun-hung Chen and F.Y. August Chao. “Related Ontological Concepts of Mandarin Metaphors.”, Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC). Berkeley, CA, USA. September 14-16, 2009.
  13. 楊亨利、趙逢毅,“兩岸三地問答平台之比較初探,十五屆海峽兩岸資訊管理發展與策略學術研討會,2009年8月18-20日,同濟大學,中國上海。
  14. Heng-Li Yang, August F.Y. Chao, “Design and Implementation of SOA-Driven Campus Email Service”, Business and Information 2009, July 6~8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  15. 楊亨利、趙逢毅,“協助搜尋文獻的平台之芻議”,十三屆海峽兩岸資訊管理發展與策略學術研討會,2007年8月18-20日,北京交通大學,中國北京。
  16. 楊亨利、趙逢毅,“建構在全國博、碩士論文資訊網上的視覺化文獻互動關聯式瀏覽平台架構”,第六屆管理新思維研討會,2007年11月2日,台灣科技大學,台灣台北。
  17. 楊亨利、趙逢毅,“原位行動服務之個案探討”,第九屆電子化企業經營管理理論暨實務研討會,2008年5月24日,大葉大學,台灣彰化。
  18. Jiann-Min Yang, August F.Y. Chao and Hsuan Li, “A service-oriented framework of distributed elder house-care system: The enhanced data mining approach”, 2008 International Conference on Gerontic Technology and Service Management, May 20~21, NKU, Nantou, Taiwan.


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August F.Y. Chao 趙逢毅a Ph.D Student of Dep. of MIS, NCCU, Taiwan, KIL Lab, MIS, NCCU
Ngua Si Tai Uan Lang, Ngua Gou Hiong Di Bi-O.


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